WE Sahel Youth Development

Initiated in January 2013, the World Education Foundation has been developing a framework concentrating on capacity building of the youth in the conflict Sahrawi region. Creating partnerships with locals, administrators, ministries, organizations and head of schools in Laayoune, Dakhla, Casablanca and the Tindouf-refugee camps, the WE Foundation has developed a Youth Program, which will recruit students (16-35) from each region to develop their understanding and knowledge in the areas of:


Human Rights

Civil Responsibilities 

Democracy: Theory

Democracy: Best Practices

Voter Rights:

Democracy: Voter Responsibility

Youth Leadership: Theory

Youth Leadership: Best Practices

Sporting Events

Gender Awareness

Female Empowerment: Entrepreneurship, Craft, Education

Female Empowerment: Youth (women only)

Raising Generations: Women’s role in Culture and Tradition in the Sahara region (All: Local storytelling, local sociologists, local social-anthropologists)


During the first phase of the program, 40 students will be developed from each region. Once they have completed the 1 year program, participants will have the capacity to teach additional recruited youth. Second phase of the program will develop socio-economic skills in each region, allowing youth to create and foster innovative ideas. 


This project will serve as a catalyst to peace building in the current Sahrawi Conflict.