WE American Football Project


World Education Foundation believes sports is a perfect medium to engage and instill core values in youth. With the founder of the WE -Foundation (Marques Anderson) being a former NFL player, WEF takes the opportunity to put on American football clinics in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods around the world. 

To date, the World Education Foundation has put on American Football clinics in 8 countries and has been able to introduce the game to over 1,100 youth and adult trainers. Through this initiative the promotion of discipline, hard work, team work, effort and general health and fitness are highlighted.

The WE Foundation is partnering with the NFL Foundation to continue its efforts in providing sporting opportunities to youth around the world. Programs featured are; coaches training, youth development, equipment allocation, health and fitness courses, nutrition courses and football clinics. 


Being an Ambassador for the game of American-football is something Marques will continue to promote on his journey to bring education to the world! 


What if you had a tool, any tool in the world that could change the lives of millions for the good…Would you use it? That was the question posed, when the World Education Foundation had the opportunity to introduce American Football to a school in Kaliba, Democratic Republic of Congo, and a sports program in Kibera, Kenya. Initiatives like these, create an atmosphere where children of all ages and sizes can have fun learning the values of teamwork, discipline, courage, pride and ultimately going beyond ones limits and reaching their potential.