The World Education Foundation has engaged in many small projects through its current initiatives. As the WE Foundation continues to gain momentum, WE are focused on collaborations which will create sustainable impact to beneficiaries in which we engage. Two projects that have stood out to us over the Past year have been:


WE Malaria Project

Through innovate planning and locating of competent social entrepreneurs, the WE Foundation was able to team up with Falling Whistles to generate funds for scaling of a sustainable malaria program. Creating a supply chain from islands and the mountainous regions in South Kivu, local farmers and engineers have been able to grow, transport and process Quinine bark into malaria treatments for the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project is very dear to the WE Foundation as it fits so many criteria in which we involve ourselves. Through the creation of jobs, economic impact for sustainable growth, generating medicines and ultimately saving lives, the WE Foundation has been able to create a dynamic, life changing project.

WE Bio-Diesel Project

The WE Foundation believes sustainable, renewable energy is the way of the future for countries within Africa, along with other developing regions. With imported fossil fuels being the staple for a majority of the population, it is quite critical to begin the development of renewable energy sources. Through the WE Bio-Diesel Project we are looking to take a bottom up approach to the development of a bio-diesel industry. Using this developmental structure, we are looking to alleviate poverty, through creating jobs and producing locally processed bio-diesels. From this project, we will be able to allocate sustainable funds for education, health and infrastructure development. Something as simple as giving a child in a village the opportunity to read after the sun goes down, will be one step the WE Foundation is willing to take to see a brighter future for many!