WE Mission


The World Education Foundation has been created to quantify

and allocate resources, bringing the opportunity of peace through




 Our belief is that every life is just as important as the next and the root to success and sustainable progress in any field is through education. The WE Foundation covers all aspects of education, which allows individuals and groups to positively contribute to society. Our main focuses are to educate organizations and individuals to improve health, education and infrastructure in developing countries. Our impact yields the reduction of extreme poverty by educating pupils from pre-kindergarten through vocational and higher education. Our initiatives foster healthy and sustainable growth in multiple industries worldwide.

WE are not just an organization advocating for peace, WE develop programs, which create PEACE!


We believe a single type of democracy is not completely appropriate for all people and transferable between all countries. By understanding the multifaceted cultural differences in each region, the WE Foundation is equipped to implement the best strategy to bring resources and education for enhanced growth opportunities. Therefore, we feel it is essential to provide a framework for democratic participation at all levels, from village associations, organizations and industry leaders; to governments, which have the capability of implementing policy.

The WE Foundation will continue to assist in bridging the disparity gap throughout the world, giving each individual the opportunity to maximize their potential in their community and global market place.