Marques is a visionary who asks why not? Why not Make a Difference in the world, why not Change the world and why not Stop until WE have?

Marques is a former American Football safety in the National Football League. Drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2002; he played for 5 seasons. Marques received his BA from UCLA in American Literature and a Masters of Education in Adult Learning and Global Change from Linköping Universitet, Sweden. Having the opportunity to travel extensively throughout North and South America, as well as Europe and Africa, Marques began to develop strategies to address some of the most critical social problems we currently face as a global community. Following his dream to do more, Marques created the World Education Foundation. Through this platform, work is focused to create a new dynamic of sustainable growth in the areas of, Education, Health, Infrastructure and Sport.




Andrea Bolder is one of the leading authorities on social media marketing and a proud partner of the We Foundation. As a world class professional athlete and Gold Medal Olympian, Andrea has traveled around the world living her passion and has seen first hand the devastation caused by the lack of education, healthcare and opportunity.
One of Andrea’s core missions is to help people around the globe uncover their potential and live their purpose! But it all starts with the opportunity of education.

That is why this UCLA graduate is committed to helping the WE Foundation impact the world by improving people’s lives and creating awareness so others who are connected to the cause and capable of contributing can make an impact as well.
Andrea’s goal is to help the WE Foundation manifest its dreams of bringing the opportunity of quality education and health to everyone in the world. We will do this by creating one of the largest social media communities of any non-profit by encouraging engagement, promoting awareness and sparking action.

The We Foundation Will Change The World!



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Shauna maintains a multidisciplinary educational background, holding a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario, an Advanced Degree in International Affairs with special focus on emergent economies from Bard College and an M.Sc in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. Shauna is a brilliant, education and development professional with six years of experience working for multinational organizations, and institutions developing and implementing programs related to education, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation. She has a passion for active change in the world and offers significant expertise in the areas of program development, stakeholder engagement, research, implementation, and strategic partnerships for the WE Foundation.



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Melissa Mahler is a highly sought after strategist, lawyer and social impact entrepreneur. For over ten years she has advised C-Suite executives, boards of directors, investors and NGO’s in negotiating complex transactions, advancing policy objectives and managing strategic and diverse relationships. She has collaborated with management teams to commercialize emerging technologies, closed financings totaling over $100 million, and licensed technology with universities, governments and Fortune 100 companies.

Melissa believes that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage and that together WE can change the world. Among her current activities, Melissa is a delegate to the United Nations Summit on Media and Social Impact, sits on the board of the Stop Abuse Campaign, is an advisor to the Brink Institute and founder of Pro Player Insiders. Melissa has a BS in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and a JD from Syracuse University College of Law.










Works with brands, agencies and services to discover and solve problems.

As the Founder and Director of the creative consultancy Ideon, Hans specializes in technology, communication and digital marketing!



Ryan Concannon is an economist by study, but has delved into different professions in the past 5 years. Graduating from Colorado College with a B.A in Economics, Ryan worked for a large brokerage firm out of Stamford, CT, and was based in Boulder, Colorado. From 2006-to 2009, he personally traded over $250 million worth of securities. With this experience under his belt, Ryan wanted to try something different; so he took off to South America. On his travels, serendipitously, Marques and Ryan met while staying at a hostal in Argentina. After long discussions and days of living under the same roof, they came to the conclusion that they had similar ideas on how to do good in the World.

Since then, Ryan has been a crucial component in evaluating and vetting new projects, which the World Education Foundation looks to engage. As the WE Foundation approaches each  project with a  sustainable business model in mind, Ryan’s experience in global trends and new markets gives insight which can bring success to our initiatives.

In his off time, he enjoys reveling in nature, fly fishing, camping, hiking, snowboarding and surfing.

WE stand together with Concannon