WE Global Sports

WE Global Sports Initiative:

This international initiative aims to improve education through fitness, nutrition, sporting and play activities worldwide.

Our goal is to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities globally. While training local community leaders in becoming coaches as well as role models, we will advocate and deliver development through sport.

Our initiatives focus on four strategic areas:

world education foundation logo miniBasic Education and Child Development

WEGS programs foster the physical, cognitive and social development of children to teach and deliver important values and life skills.

world education foundation logo miniHealth Promotion and Disease Prevention

WEGS programs are utilized to educate and mobilize communities around national health and disease prevention including child obesity, overall fitness, HIV/AIDS, malaria and immunizations.

world education foundation logo miniConflict Resolution and Peace Education

WEGS programs are used as tools for teaching conflict resolution and peace building skills, also promoting alternatives for troubled youth to channel their energy through activity. Participation in regular activity encourages and facilitates the healing of communities and the reintegration of children into society.

world education foundation logo miniCommunity Development

WEGS programs work in partnership with local organizations to build sustainable community infrastructure through the engagement of local staff and both local and international volunteers.