WE Global Development

Global Development Initiative:

Increase opportunities and education for people in developing countries to overcome hunger and poverty.

We focus on areas with high-impact potential, creating solutions, which have the capabilities to reach hundreds of millions of people. We work closely with our partners to support innovative approaches and expand existing programs so they reach the people who need them most. We support policy and advocacy efforts which accelerate progress against the world’s most acute poverty.

world education foundation logo miniAgriculture Development

We work to help small farmers around the world to boost their productivity, increase their incomes, and build better lives for their families.

world education foundation logo miniFinancial Services for the Poor

Financial services, such as savings accounts, insurance, and loans, help people improve their lives—but billions of poor people in the developing world don’t have access. We work to make safe, affordable financial services—particularly savings accounts—more widely available to people in developing countries so they can manage risks, take advantage of opportunities, and increase their financial security in a globalized market.

world education foundation logo miniSpecial Initiatives

There are many ways to reduce poverty and increase opportunities. Through our work in Special Initiatives, we learn and have impact
across a range of development issues such as water, sanitation, and hygiene; urban poverty; and emergency relief. We will also help expand free access to computers and the Internet and the opportunities they enable through our Global Libraries work.

world education foundation logo miniPolicy and Advocacy

Lasting progress against global hunger and poverty will take international attention and commitment—from all corners and across all sectors. We will work to increase awareness of global development issues, identify and promote powerful solutions, and advocate for more effective investments.