WE-Global Innovation Think Tank and Accelerator (GITTA)

The WE Foundation developed WE-GITTA to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and implementation, focusing on ideation, design, implementation and systems.


Vision: Create and spread knowledge to address evolving needs of humans around the globe

Function: To harness creative brain power through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master
classes, and cultural events through high-impact innovation hubs in Oslo, Norway; Nairobi, Kenya; and San
Francisco/Silicon Valley, USA. Each hub will maintain dedicated working pods to collaborate and exchange
knowledge through the development cycles of Research, Development, and Implementation of WE
Foundation projects.

These projects will result in generating, social, educational, economic, and infrastructural change in the Global
South. The system design of the program will provide development and knowledge transfer opportunities for
developed countries as well as emerging frontier economies.

Mission: Bridge the gap between academic knowledge and implementation by accelerating learning
throughout the network of thinkers and implementers. Build the creative culture and internal systems
required to sustain innovation.

Culture: WE-GITTA focuses on a human-environment approach to integrate the needs of people, the
possibilities of technology and the requirements for developmental success. Each Hub will think as a
sustainable designer bridging the gap between prosperity for humans and the environment, with what is
technologically feasible and what creates economic value.  WE-GITTA will utilize ancient knowledge and wisdom,
while infusing cutting edge technologies, to create a space of seamless interaction between technology and the
human experience.